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Duke University TIP Program in Joplin

Today, four state students got a chance to explore intensive classes outside of school.
JOPLIN, MO--- This is part of Duke University's talent identification program or TIP Academic Adventures Program. Fifth and 6th grade students from all over the area have to qualify with Duke's TIP program to participate.
Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School in Joplin hosts the program. It is held on a Saturday once a quarter. Students get to study something in the arts, math, science and foreign languages for a full day. This quarter they did a comic book making class, robotics academy class and an Ancient Egypt class. 
Director of Technology and Communication, Robert Carlson says, "There is so many bright children and they need something where they can go and explore something for a full day outside their school. They might have the opportunity to do something like programing a robot or developing a comic book or studying Ancient Egypt."
If anybody is interested, they can talk to their school to get qualified and be eligible to participate in the academic adventure program. 
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