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Downtown Parsons, Inc.

Parsons, Kansas is known as a "Kansas Main Street City" ...
Downtown Parsons Inc. evolved from a longstanding grassroots revitalization effort which begun in 1985, but it was not until the fall of 1999 when citizens formed what would become the Redevelopment Task Force to address economic, housing, education and industrial development needs. One of the community’s largest problems was an aging downtown pedestrian mall closed up to traffic. During this effort, on April 19, 2000, an F3 tornado struck Parsons causing over $21,000,000 in losses. Over 100 homes and 20 businesses were destroyed, including five in the downtown area. Every other building in the district, along with portions of the pedestrian plaza was damaged. The storm hastened efforts already underway to reopen Main Street. In 2001, when Parsons became a Kansas Main Street City, the program acted as a catalyst to not only synergize the prior efforts but integrate the other public/private redevelopment resources.

Downtown Parsons Inc. is a not for profit organization that utilizes Main Street’s Four Point Approach in which focuses on four distinct areas of work: Design, Organization, Promotion and Economic Restructuring. The program is made up of 11 Board Members, a full time Executive Director and roughly 50 volunteers that make up each of the four committees.
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