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Crowder College Expands Education Partnership with MSU

A new agreement with Missouri State University allows students from Crowder the opportunity to pursue a bachelors degree in nursing and social work.
NEOSHO, MO.--- "We motivate our students to go on and get that bachelors degree. Our students are blessed to have many opportunities, many options available to them," said Dr. Glenn Coltharp, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Crowder College.

Crowder's Vice President of Academic Affairs Glenn Coltharp says partnerships can sometimes motivate students to take that next step. All the paperwork is taken care of so the transition is smoother.

"We feel it's our place to make those partnerships, to make it a little bit more easier for them," said Dr. Coltharp.

The partnership will benefit many students, like nursing student Stacia Elliot.

"I can go ahead and achieve my BSN degree without having to go ahead and make a move in that direction so soon," said Stacia Elliot, Crowder Nursing Student.

Elliot says she's a big family girl, and though her goal is to move to Springfield one day, right now she's happy in Neosho.

"I love this area, this is where I've grown up. So, definitely this area is wonderful. I have no intentions of actually moving away from this area, unless something just happens to come up," said Elliot.

The college hopes the expansion in partnership gives students another chance to remain in the area while working on a four year degree. For Elliot, it's all about convenience.

"It's wonderful to have a bridge program with two schools like this that keeps it where I can stay at home, not up root my family and still achieve the goals I want to for my future," said Elliot.

The two schools already have partnerships in agriculture, business, and education programs. The college offers more than 80 degrees and has degree programs for students at locations in Neosho, Cassville, Webb City and Nevada.
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