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Crowder College Agriculture Students Travel to Costa Rica

College students are learning about agriculture around the world.

NEOSHO, MO.--- Crowder College students are learning about agriculture around the world. These agriculture students were able to see what life is like in a third world country, and returned with a different outlook on life. The trip happens every two years. 28 students and chaperones from Crowder College had the opportunity to learn about agriculture in Costa Rica firsthand.

"We are so greatly gifted and we take it for granted everyday. Their minimum wage is like $1.75 and they don't have air conditioners. So we went there to learn about agriculture, but I came back to America knowing so much more of the value of hard work," said Kay Lynn Lippolt, Crowder College Student.

A student who likes to go by "Cowboy Cody" says the trip was life-changing. He's still amazed and says the U.S. is spoiled.

"Machetes is probably one of their main tools. They harvest everything with a machete. They cut some of their grass with machetes," said Cowboy Cody, Crowder College Student.

As for Kay Lynn Lippolt, she's found a new passion in Costa Rica- pineapples.

"I really want to grow pineapples. Just to try it. In Dr. Halleran's greenhouse here at the college, we are going to try to see if we can grow pineapples," said Lippolt.

Professor Terry Halleran went on the trip and says it was an eye opener.

"I don't think it's just Crowder students, I think it's all students that need to understand we are a global economy and we need to see what's out there in the world and how it works," said Dr. Terry Halleran, Agriculture Professor.

The students paid $1,500 each to go on the trip, but did get a little financial help. The pineapples were a big highlight of the trip for everyone. They brought some back and should be ready to harvest in about 23 weeks.

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