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Concussion Seminar in Joplin Today

Freeman Health System gives information on sports head injuries
JOPLIN, MO -- A sports medicine organization in Joplin brings awareness to the dangers of sports head injuries.

The Freeman Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine had a seminar today on concussions.  The meeting was held at the Freeman Rehabilitation and Sports Center.

Guest speakers talked about the dangers of sports concussions and how the injuries can affect young athletes.

One doctor says 80% of all head injuries are concussions and the seminar is used to try raise awareness for what concussions are, what are the treatments, and when someone can start playing again.

"Since its a problem and has long term consequences or potential long term consequences, we need to diagnose it and take care of it properly from the get go," says speaker Dr. Joseph Waeckerle.

Some symptoms of a concussion include headaches, vomiting, and blurred vision.
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