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Community Pride Contest

Joplin students get the chance to show off their community pride.
JOPLIN, MO---The Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce held a contest asking kids what they see for Joplin's future in the year 2034. First and second graders answered the question by drawing pictures and third through eighth graders wrote essays. Six hundred entries from both Joplin public and private schools were submitted and each students had their own idea of what Joplin's future held.

"There are a couple that actually said, 'well the economy is not going to be good by then.' Ya know there's going to be bad things, but they ended up with saying, but Joplin is going to be stronger. They're going to quit relying on other people and Joplin will become stronger community because of things that happened," says Dough Musick with the Community Enhancement Committee.

The chamber handed out awards in each category from each school for "Best in School." There were also prizes for first through third place.
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