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Carthage PD Larceny Reduction Program

A larceny reduction program aims to combat thefts in Carthage.
CARTHAGE, MO.--- Police have monthly crime meetings, where they look at areas where thefts have occurred. Officers then go to those neighborhoods where thefts have been reported. They look for garage doors left open and unlocked cars with valuables in plain sight. If that happens, an officer will put door hangers on the resident's front door to alert them that they might become a victim of theft.

"Almost all thefts from vehicles are taken from unlocked vehicles where people leave their valuables in it. It's actually very rare for somebody to break a window. If citizens would just take their valuables in and lock their cars, we could reduce thefts by 50%," said Greg Dagnan, Carthage Police Chief 

Police point out that this is prevention only, saying they don't check cars in garages, don't open doors, or go through people's cars.

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