Carthage Humane Society Volunteer Needs

Carthage Humane Society Volunteer Needs

The Carthage Humane Society needs more helping hands.
CARTHAGE, MO.--- Sally is one of the many dogs that Thomas Jay takes care of at the Carthage Humane Society.

"She's a super sweet dog. She's a big old teddy bear," said Thomas Jay, Kennel Technician. 

Jay has a full plate as a kennel technician, which is why extra hands are a big help.

"It takes a little pressure off of us," he said. 

Staff say one of their biggest needs is more volunteers to help with daily animal duties.

"Walking dogs, bathing dogs, just helping out wherever we need them," said Jay. 

Foster parents are needed to take care of young kittens, because they are not ready to be adopted yet.

"Right now we are overrun with kittens that aren't big enough for adoption, so a home environment would be great," said Rachel Rowden, Office Clerk. 

The older cats need a foster parent too.

"We could get them out of here and into a home until they are adopted, give them a little more of a home life," said Rowden. 

Staff agree that foster parents and volunteers get a lot out of the experience.

"It is a really good feeling to help out these animals," said Jay. 

Staff tell us they could also use donations of cleaning supplies, office supplies, and medical supplies.

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