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Carthage Hispanic Bible Parade

Area Hispanic churches celebrate Independence Day in Carthage.
CARTHAGE, MO.--- Hundreds of people from more than a dozen hispanic churches from the Four States gathered in Carthage this morning.

"We bring all the pastors from the Four States together so that we can all have this parade thanking God for the independence and the freedom, and everything we have in this country," said Yoselin Bonilla, Youth leader, Hispanic Christian Church.

On this 4th of July, the church members participated in the Hispanic Bible Parade.

"We can not only celebrate, but declare that this nation is based on what God wants for this nation," said Milthon Guillen, Vice President of the Alliance.

The parade route began around the historic Carthage square. Members waved flags, held signs, and even dressed up.

"My favorite part about it is that everyone comes together," said Bonilla. 

This is the third year for the parade. Organizers say it has grown since the first year.

"Two years ago, it was probably 250, 300. Last year, we had probably around 700 people," said Guillen. 

They add that today's parade is all about coming together.

"I think the unity will make us stronger," said Guillen. 

The parade ended with a celebration at the Alpha and Omega Church.

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