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Carthage Fire Department Service Calls Increase

Calls for service are up at one Four States fire department.

CARTHAGE, MO.--- The Carthage Fire Department tracks monthly calls based on residential structure fires, commercial structure fires, car accidents and medical calls. As of last month, they've seen an increase of 158 calls for service compared to May of last year. That means the department is one month ahead on their calls for service compared to this time last year. The fire chief says over the course of the year if the department continues like this, it will be a huge increase.

"It really means we are a lot busier. You start worrying about staffing levels, equipment use. More calls for service obviously impacts our budget," said Chris Thompson, Carthage Fire Chief.

The fire chief says there's an increase in calls all across the board. The department is tracking the numbers to figure out what's causing the increase, whether it's public education or an increase in the city's population.
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