Carl Junction Students Spend a Day on the Farm

Carl Junction Students Spend a Day on the Farm

More than 250 grade school students spent the day learning what life is like living on a farm.
COLUMBUS, KS.--- "You don't get to feel what a cow feels like, or what it feels like to milk a cow whenever you're reading a book," said Dustin Majors, Columbus Farm Owner.

It was the second year Carl Junction's grade school students spent the day on Dustin Majors' farm in Columbus. He says there's a disconnect between people and where their food comes from. 

"Starting these kids out at an early age, getting them to know where the milk comes from, where the beef comes from, the chicken, all those different things. It's interesting to see. Most of these kids live in town and don't get to see a lot of these things," said Majors. 

The field trip is part of the school's summer program.

"We have nine different stations. There's the milk cow, pigs and beef cow, there's horses fishing, chickens, lama and butter-making," he said.

He says students learn how to shake up the cream inside the jars, which eventually turns into butter. Then they even get to taste it on some bread.

"I think they like the experience of getting to do something like that and then eating it right away. It's a good reward for a little bit of work," he said. 

Organizers say it's important that students get out of the classroom for a hands on educational experience.  

"Most kids are two or three generations removed from the farm, so they have no idea where their food comes from. They think their food comes from the grocery store. So this is a chance to come out here and show what part of the pig bacon comes from, what part of the pig ham comes from," said Dale Helwig, Cherokee County Agriculture Agent.

Students also learned about how to build a garden and what it takes to turn the harvest into a meal. Even though a lot of these kids are not familiar with farm life, it didn't take them long to jump in and get their hands dirty. 

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