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Brad's Beat Senior Prom

The Joplin Area Agency on Aging host the 5th Annual Senior Prom for a few hundred seniors.
JOPLIN, MO.--- A few hundred seniors put on their dancing shoes for the annual "Senior Prom." This is the 5th annual Joplin event that was put on by the Area Agency on Aging.

Bill Hurn is a regular and he makes sure to dance with as many women as he can. He says dancing keeps you young and may be the fountain of youth. Having multiple dance partners keeps you in shape.

"Well I like to dance with different ones cause if you dance with the same one you need a new step," said Bill Hurn, 82-years-old.

Bill is married and his wife Opal says he can dance with all the ladies he wants, because he's going home with her.
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