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Brad's Beat: Mail Art

The next piece of mail you get could be a piece of art.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Jill Sullivan works at the Post Memorial Art Library in Joplin and she is organizing a mail art project. It's a worldwide movement where people draw or paint artwork on mail and send it around the globe. The Post in Joplin has been collecting the mail since April and they've received dozens of pieces. Sullivan says you may have gotten mail art before and not known it. 

"Anytime you've received a letter or a package where the person who sent it to you drew something on the outside or put stickers on it, sewed things to it or glued things to it, that could be considered mail art," said Jill Sullivan, Mail Artist.

The display of mail art will be up until December inside the Post Library, which is located inside the Joplin Public Library. 
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