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Brad's Beat: Carving for Christ Donates to Tornado Victim

Three years later, victims of the Joplin tornado are still dealing with the trauma.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Dilbert McGuirk had his left leg amputated after a heating and air unit landed on him during the May 22nd, 2011 tornado in Joplin. He recently was given a carved eagle from the "Carving for Christ" group. They used wood from the storm to make different items. The goal is to take something negative and turn it into sometime positive to help people heal. 

"There still are people out there that are dealing with it on a daily basis. It's tearing their lives apart still, you know, and they struggle with it everyday," said Darick Rice, Carving for Christ.

Dilbert is still dealing with the trauma and is hoping his other foot doesn't have to be amputated. 

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