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Brad's Beat: Bunny Newton 90th Birthday

Bunny Newton the owner on Newton's Jewelers turns 90 years old.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Owner of Newton's Jewelers, Bunny Newton, just turned 90 years old. His full name is Leonard Newton and he got the nickname from his siblings who thought he was in a nursery rhyme.

The business is also in it's 90's and was started in 1914, they moved to downtown Joplin in 1939 and it's been there ever since. Newton says the key to a long life is eating healthy, don't drink or smoke, and if mother nature brings you snow, shovel it. However, he still has to remind himself of his age.

"I just can't imagine being that old. I used to think 90 was old. I don't' think it is now," said Bunny Newton, Owner, Newton's Jewelers.

Bunny says he's planning on living until 100, and we have an appointment to interview him when he reaches that milestone in 10 years.
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