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Brad's Beat: Abraham Lincoln 204th Birthday

Today was the 204th birthday of President Abraham Lincoln.
JOPLIN, MO.--- President Abraham Lincoln is a favorite of Joplin Historian Allen Shirley. No piece of history is too obscure, including the hair from the top of his head. 2 years ago Shirley acquired locks of Lincoln's hair from the Christie Auction House in New York.

The story goes that the wife of an Indiana governor received the hair as a gift, which was evidently common back in the day. Today, would have been Lincoln's 204th birthday and Shirley says he was one of America's best presidents.

"He's probably one of the two most important presidents we've ever had. First being George Washington, who put our country together, and Lincoln kept it from being torn apart," said Allen Shirley, Joplin Historian.

Shirley also has a lock of hair from Lincoln's wife, Mary Todd.
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