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Brad's Beat: 4th of July Weekend Travel

It's one of the busiest travel days of the year with more than 41 million Americans expected to hit the road.
JOPLIN, MO.--- The I-44 rest stop in Joplin has been very busy all day long. License plates from Florida, Massachusetts and even Hawaii were spotted today. According to AAA, this weekend will be the busiest since 2007. Those drivers are going to be paying some of the highest gas prices since 2008. Some of the drivers we talked today say it's important to be safe on the roads, because they have seen some reckless drivers. 

"Well, you just got to stay alert because they're are crazy ones out there. They'll cut you off, no telling what they'll do out there. And you got some of them, that I don't know how fast they're traveling, but I had them come around me like I was sitting still and I was doing 75 mph," said Sharon Haeusler, driving from Florida. 

The drivers say it's important to get a full nights sleep before taking a long drive across the country. 
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