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Brad's Beat: 2014 Youth of the Year

An area eighth grade student is recognized for his hard work at the Boys and Girls Club.
JOPLIN, MO.---  Joplin student, Lane Galbraith, has been named the 2014 Youth of the Year. He's received a thousand dollar college scholarship from the center. Organizers say Lane was picked out of hundreds of kids due to his dedication to the center. He helps younger kids with their homework, helps prepare snacks and cleans up. Lane joined the club three years ago and says it changed his life. 

"If I didn't have the Boys and Girls Club, I'd be at home laying on the couch doing nothing, and that's not very fun or healthy," said Lane Galbraith, Youth of the Year. 

Lane is planning on using the money to pursue a college degree in physical education. 
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