Baxter Springs Volunteers Continue Cleanup Efforts

Baxter Springs Volunteers Continue Cleanup Efforts

Two and half months after an EF-2 tornado hit Baxter Springs, volunteers continue to help with the recovery efforts.
BAXTER SPRINGS, KS.--- "I grabbed on to this tree right here and laid on the ground," said Larry Logan, Baxter Springs resident. 

Larry Logan remembers when an EF-2 tornado hit his home in Baxter Springs. Wednesday, volunteers were helping him put the pieces back together at his home off of military avenue. These were some of the nearly 40 volunteers from a camp in iowa who were in baxter.

"We're very appreciative that they're still coming. Surprised? Yes, but we're very appreciative," said Jen Smith, Long Term Recovery Committee.

Other volunteers were cleaning up the property around this house off of 15th and East Avenue.

"It got hit pretty hard by the tornado," said Smith. 

The team of green shirts could also be found working on another home that is set to be demolished next week.

"They're helping those homeowners gather the last of their belongings that were inside the house," said Smith. 

Kathryn Reeves was one of the volunteers working on Logan's home.

"I knew I could make a difference, if it was one person than fine," said Kathryn Reeves, volunteer.

"They're just wonderful to help me. This is the only way I'm ever going to recover, and thanks to them," said Logan.

Logan is looking forward to the next step, trading this blue tarp for a new roof.

"I'm supposed to be getting a lifetime metal roof, so maybe this time it will stay on," he said. 

Coming up on August 2nd, the long term recovery committee will host a community work day. They are encouraging more volunteers to get involved.
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