Baxter Springs FEMA Update

Baxter Springs FEMA Update

According to a preliminary report, Baxter Springs tornado victims may not receive federal aid.

BAXTER SPRINGS, KS--- Residents of Baxter Springs are still waiting to hear from FEMA as to whether or not they will receive federal aid. An open forum for Baxter Springs tornado victims was held this morning. At the meeting, city leaders addressed the public with updates.

Residents also had the opportunity to ask numerous questions. The number one question on many people's minds: FEMA. Will tornado victims receive aid or not? According to preliminary evaluations, Baxter springs will not receive any aid from fema.

"Governor Brownback requested through the Small Business Administration of Disaster, declaration for the impacted area those impacted by the storm. And that would open up long term low interest loans to homeowners, renters, and businessowners," according to Jonathan York of the Kansas Emergency Management Division.

City leaders are expecting to know if residents will receive federal aid by the middle of next week.

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