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Assistant Chief Burns New Plans

Assistant Chief Jason Burns has new plans to better combat crime once he takes over as chief in March.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Burns believes the department doesn't need to change direction but merely change their focus. He plans on relying more on a crime-analysis function.

Back in 2010, Burns implemented "Impact Improving Methods" , proactively against crime trends. This allowed police to try and predict crime on a monthly basis. Burns says since this program started, they have lowered crime 13 percent. He believes the department can do even more.

"We need to change our focus a little bit and one of the things we need to do is utilize our crime analysis function a little bit better and I think we can make that weekly or bi-weekly reports instead of monthly," says Chief Burns.

Burns says the plan is to predict crime and have officers there before anything happens, not just on a reactive nature. He mentioned though crime has decreased, there has been a 3 percent rise on property crimes in Joplin. He believes this new focus will help decrease that as well.
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