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Armed Robbery at Galena Bank

<font size="2">Galena police responded to an armed robbery at American Bank on 7th street in Galena Monday afternoon.</font>

GALENA, KS--- "Not this close, that's for sure." says Galena Resident Gerald Stover. He lives behind the American Bank in Galena and says the bank's robbery hits too close to home. "Usually stuff like this doesn't happen. I can walk down the street and not worry about getting robbed," Gerald says.

Now authorities are investigating a robbery, saying a man entered the bank carrying a hand gun, demanding money.

"At the time of the robbery, he was wearing a black cowboy hat, sunglasses, and greyish green long sleeve shirt, black jeans and black cowboy boots," says David Groves, Cherokee County Sheriff.

Gerald's brother, Claris, happened to be walking down the street when he saw a man in a cowboy hat leaving the bank with a duffle bag.

"I heard the alarm going off," says Claris. He knew something wasn't right, paying extra attention so he could give police any clues. "I helped show them where the car was parked and I just told them what they looked like and stuff," says Claris.

Authorities say the suspect left on foot, but then got into a dark blue passenger car, possibly a Pontiac, parked nearby. He escaped with an undisclosed amount of money.

Sheriff David Groves says it's frustrating to see someone threaten people's lives over money. "Especially when you're talking about an armed crime, you've got employees at a bank who now have become crime victims. Money aside, those people have experienced a traumatic event," says Sheriff Groves.

"It's scary... but I guess stuff happens," says Geral

Authorities are still looking for the suspect and asking for the public's help. The man is approximately 5'6",150 pounds, and 30-40 years old. Anyone with any information should contact the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office or the Galena Police Department.

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