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Residents in Anderson will soon be seeing new developments in the area.
ANDERSON, MO.--- "We try to be an attractive location for new businesses," said John Sellers, Anderson Mayor

Officials in Anderson are trying their best to bring others to the area. For now, residents will soon enjoy a new store.

"Family Dollar Store will start construction very soon at the location of Highway 59/Highway 76," said Mayor Sellers. 

Fairview Mills is adding a 15,000 square foot building.

"Undergoing an expansion and constructing a warehouse," he said. 

This will create 30 to 40 new jobs collectively in Anderson. Mayor Sellers says it's just getting started.
"These new businesses will probably encourage the location of other businesses in the future, then that's kind of a snowball effect," he said. 
Local managers and residents feel this is a good thing for Anderson.

"It is something that Anderson needs. There's a lot of people right now that are looking for jobs. I know they come in here everyday and ask if we are hiring. So it will be great to give people that opportunity," said Jacob Dalton, Anderson Resident.

Mayor Sellers says this is only the beginning and he has high hopes for Anderson's future. 

"I think as time goes on and people see the advantages of locating their businesses in Anderson, that we are going to see a slow but steady growth," said Mayor Sellers. 

The two businesses will be complete by the end of summer. Mayor Sellers hopes these new additions will make the city one of those "go to places" in the area. There are also rumors of more stores coming to the city, but no official plans have been made.

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