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Adriaunna Horton's Family Pushes for Justice

The family wants harsher punishments for child abusers.
GOLDEN CITY, MO-- "What i remember the most is when you'd see a butterfly or a horse and you'd light up like the sky," says Adriaunna Horton's uncle Larry Horton.

One way or another, family and friends make sure Audriaunna Horton's Memory lives on.

Almost six months have passed since the 12-year-old was abducted, raped and killed.

"To have someone hurt an angel like that, that's just not right," says Horton.

At Hazel's Park, where Adriaunna was taken by her alleged abductor Bobby Bourne- the Golden City community came together to begin demanding justice.

"We're not going to put up with this anymore. We're tired of it, we're done and i'm going to take a stand and i hope everyone stands with me," says Horton.

The Hortons are circulating seven petitions to create or better enforce laws that demand harsher punishments for child abusers as well as measures that will better protect child abuse victims.

"Southwest missouri can take the lead in making a difference in child abuse prevention," says child abuse victim advocate Shonna Short-Kramer.

The family is proposing "Adriaunna's Law." It requires communities to create a crisis response team for missing children- similar to a tornado response team.

"During this case the FBI  was here, emergency response team was here, police officers were here but it was chaotic," says Short-Kramer.

Another proposed law would limit the amount of times a judge can postpone a hearing or trial- making it a speedy process.

Bourne's arraignment date was set for February 3rd and now delayed to the 19th.

"People are tired of the judicial system not upholding their end of the agreements," says Horton.

Another proposed measure would mandate prosecutors to only reduce a sentence or make a deal if the family is notified and given a reason for the change- or face a fine.

"You  let someone hurt a child and they get smacked on the hand and they get turned  loose, they move right  back by our churches, our schools, the parks. And that's not right. Not right at all," says Horton.

The Horton family hopes Bourne is executed or spends his life in prison.

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