Crawford County Courthouse Renovations

Crawford County Courthouse Renovations

Renovations at the Crawford County Courthouse means changes for District Court.
GIRARD, KS.--- Construction to replace a elevator at the Crawford County Courthouse will begin at the end of the month. It's a project that can't come soon enough for county commissioners. 

"The old one was put in in the 1960's, we've had problems with breakdowns," said Tom Moody, Crawford County Commissioner.

Because of its age and model, finding parts to fix the elevator is now impossible. Plus, it no longer meets ADA requirements.

"We're really fortunate at this time to be able to get the new one going. It's going to be a cost of roughly $299,000," said Moody.

The cost doesn't stop at dollars and cents. District Court, housed on the third floor of the court house, will shutdown for about six months.

"Some people can't go up the stairs, so we have to make that move," said Moody.

Girard's District Court offices will transfer to the Crawford County Judicial Center in Pittsburg next week.

"We have to have their computer systems moved, lots of files that need to be transferred to Pittsburg," said Moody. 

A big change commissioners are confident will go smoothly. The Girard District Court Center will be completely closed until at least March 1st. All hearings scheduled from September 30th to the reopening will be held at the Judicial Center in Pittsburg.

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