Crafters Already Gearing Up for the Holiday Season

Crafters Already Gearing Up for the Holiday Season

Christmas is less than 3 months away and crafters are already gearing up for the Holiday Season.

JOPLIN --- Officials from Joanns at the Northpark Mall have already seen an increase in customers preparing for the holiday season.

"When it comes to Christmas, you have to have things made ahead of time or atleast have enough time to actually make the things you'd like to give," says Lynne Maguire, Joanns Fabric Specialist

Maguire says burlap, mason jars, tulle and wreaths are some of the more popular items their customers are buying, and even if you consider yourself craft challenged, they can help just about anyone

"We have Beginning Sewing 101, Beginning Jewelry Making 101, we have Beginning Cake Decorating 101, we have beginning classes for just about anything anybody would like to try," says Macguire.

Meanwhile, next to Joanns, the bead and jewelry store Dry Gulch is also seeing an increase in visitors.

"We've had a lot of people come in for pumpkin themed pieces. a lot of people are actually getting started on their christmas gifts and they come in for components to make their own pieces," says Catherine Lavite, Dry Gulch Front Room Manager.

Dry Gulch also offers a variety of classes with different instructors, like Missouri Southern Adjunct Professor Peggy Lierheimer. She showed students how to make a unique bracelet.

"The part I like about the classes is that maybe I'm teaching the pattern but you can customize your gift for a person, pick the colors you like," says Lierheimer.

Even though Lierheimer has been making jewelry for 20 years, she says a hand made gift comes from the heart.

"It's more personable, it means more if you've made it yourself and you've put the time into it and love in to it, it's like your giving apart of yourself." says Lierheimer.

Both representatives also say you don't have to be a pro to make a personalized gift. Both stores offer a variety of crafting courses from beginner to advanced.

For information about Dry Gulch classes, click here.

For information about JoAnns, click here for current classes, and here for upcoming classes.

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