Cottey College Exceeds $35 million Campaign Goal

Cottey College Exceeds $35 million Campaign Goal

An all women's college in Nevada reaches a five year goal to raise millions of dollars.
NEVADA, MO ---Cottey College has raised $36.2 million and their initial goal in 2009 was $35 million. The campaign was named "Defining Moment" with the idea to transform Cottey College from a two-year to a four-year college, defining the future for women's education.

"We're doing this for the girls, we're doing it for our students.", says Cottey College President Judy Rogers.

She credits the P.E.O Sisterhood, alumni, volunteers, staff, and students for raising more than $36 million, all from 70,000 different contributors.

"So we've raised our money not by getting multi-million dollar gifts but by getting many many supporting gifts from people who believe in Cottey College and people who believe in women and in women's education.", says President Rogers.

Since the school was transforming into a four year college there were five priorities of the campaign including, additional staff, enhancing the library, and providing scholarships. The only funding they're lacking now is for a new fine arts teaching building.

"Our arts are scatter, we're in a beautiful performing arts center right now but this place is for the instruction, the classroom, the studios, the practice rooms those are scattered all over campus and not in good or ideal places."

She says she would like to see construction underway by this Spring, but it's not easy.

"One of the rules of the P.E.O Sisterhood is that we don't have debt, therefor we just can't borrow the money or do a bond issue for the money. We will have the money in hand before we build it."

Rogers believe the "Defining Moment" Campaign not only describes the college's transformation, but it demonstrates how young ladies walk in as girls, and leave as women.

Cottey's residential female student capacity is 350 students from 40 states and 20 countries. It's owned by the P.E.O Sisterhood which is an international women's organization, making it the only college in the US owned and supported by women.
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