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Cottey College Adds Two More Intercollegiate Sports to Their Athletic Program

Cross-country and tennis has been added to the three sports already available at the college.
NEVADA, MO.--- Cottey College in Nevada adds two more intercollegiate sports to their athletic lineup. Cross-country and tennis has been added to the three sports already available at the college. Both of these are physical activities students can continue long after graduation. 

"As much as anything, we wanted to expand our athletic program and provide experiences for more student athletes," said Dave Ketterman, Athletic Director. 

Dave Ketterman is the head basketball coach and athletic director at Cottey College. He says about 10% of the student population are athletes.

"We currently have basketball, volleyball, and softball. We've had basketball and volleyball for about 15 years; just added softball about 5 years ago," said Ketterman.

School leaders wanted to add a couple of individual sports. 

"There are very few two year schools that offer cross-country and track, so we thought that would be a good sampling to draw from. Tennis, we would be the only two year college in the State of Missouri offering tennis," said Ketterman. 

Ketterman says they're also offering two part-time coaching jobs. He says they're looking for coaches who believe in Cottey's mission and goals. The individuals would coach their sports on a fall schedule.

"More of a scrimmage type of schedule for tennis or a tournament schedule and then a regular season schedule in the spring, and then we would run cross country in the fall and the outdoor track in the spring. So, yeah we're trying to locate coaches," said Ketterman. 

Ketterman adds there will be scholarships available along with the rest of the colleges financial aid.

"The college is able to offer a number of scholarships, including academic scholarships, need-based scholarships, grants, as well as athletic scholarships for this," said Ketterman. 

The two additional sports will begin next fall. High school athletes interested in scholarships and individuals wanting a job description can find additional information by clicking here
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