Considering Pet Adoption for Christmas

Considering Pet Adoption for Christmas

Adopting a pet this holiday season will bring a smile to your loved one's face and to that furry friend.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Christmas is almost here and many people are running around looking for last minute gift ideas. Adopting a pet this holiday season will bring a smile to your loved one's face and to that furry friend. 

"I hope anyone who is considering a pet, considers adoption because a lot of people have a perception that there is something wrong with pets in the shelter or they must have done something bad, and they just end up in bad situations. You know, families go homeless, people lose their jobs, and these pets just need a new chance," said Lysa Boston, Animal Adoption and Resource Center.  

If you don't want to wait until Christmas day, you can bring that special someone into the shelter early to pick out their pet. 

"Well, for Christmas he got me a cat, or is going to. So we came and are going to adopt one today. It was kind of a surprise, I kind of had a feeling," said Tiffannie Roberts, Adopting a Pet. 

The Joplin Animal Adoption and Resource Center also offers gift certificates so it takes the ease and stress off the gifter and brings excitement on Christmas morning. 

"We don't always think it's a good idea to just come in and pick a pet for somebody else because you don't know what they need. So this way you can give a gift certificate and when they are ready, they can come pick the pet that's best for them," said Boston. 

If you're unable to adopt a pet, you can always sponsor a furry friend.

"Sponsor a pet in honor of somebody or as a Christmas gift for somebody, which is pretty neat because you're giving a gift to the person by the sponsorship but you're also giving a gift to a family that wants to adopt a pet because the adoption fee will be waived," said Boston. 

There are plenty of options for Christmas, whether you choose to adopt a pet or sponsor one. Either way, you are making someone smile on Christmas morning.
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