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Columbian Elementary School Special Lunch Guest Day

Third graders at Columbian Elementary School in Carthage got to bring a special guest to lunch today.
CARTHAGE, MO.--- Once a month, a selected class at Columbian Elementary School in Carthage get to invite their parents to lunch. Principal Sonia Resa says the turnout was terrific and she's very pleased. 

"Students love to be able to show off their special guest to their friends. And you know all the research shows us that a home school connection is very important for the success of the child," said Sonia Resa, Columbian Elementary School Principal.

With 97 third graders, the school welcomed more than 100 parents to relax and eat with their kids.

"It just promotes parent participation in the school and it's important. It's not all about the teachers, we have our responsibilities too. So, it kind of gives us a feel for what's going on in the school system." said Brad Green, Parent. 

Moms, dads, grandparents, and family friends packed the lunch room and the school was even forced to setup tables and chairs in the hallways for the extra visitors.

"It's wonderful. It's a good opportunity for the kids to be able to know that they're very important to their parents, and the teaches and the schools," said Heather Steege, Parent. 

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