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Christmas Trash Could Make Your Home a Target for Theft

Police say the empty boxes advertise what big ticket items you may have gotten for Christmas.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Tossing your holiday boxes to the curb could put you at risk for theft. Police say the empty boxes advertise what big ticket items you may have gotten for Christmas, whether it be a big screen TV or a laptop. One homeowner tells us he knows not to just throw out the boxes this time of year.

"I usually put them down in the basement until the appropriate time when I have time to cut them up, and then I usually take them up to Columbia school and they have a recycling bin there," said Wayne Medley, Joplin Resident. 

Joplin Homeowner Wayne Medley knows tossing holiday boxes to the curb could be an invitation for theft.

"Absolutely yes, It says 'oh look I got a new TV in there, new computer," said Medley. 

All too often Joplin police say what's in your trash shows thieves what's inside your home.

"When you show off things, brag about things, people become aware that you have things that they would like to have. They are going to try and steal them," said Sgt. Chuck Niess, Joplin Police Department. 

So Joplin police officers warn you not to dump your boxes from holiday gifts.

"There's almost always extra amounts of trash after Christmas with wrapping paper and boxes," said Niess. 

Police say thieves look for any tips to get what they are looking for, but you can be proactive to prevent that.

"Cardboard can be easily recycled at the recycling center, so you can break it down and save it and take it out there," said Niess. 
Police warn that you should also be wary of what you are posting on social media sites this time of year. They advise you to guard your personal information and not to display things that people will want to steal.

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