Child Remembered from 2011 Tornado

Child Remembered from 2011 Tornado

A family gathered at Stone Cemetery today to celebrate the birthday of a child whose life was taken from the May 20-11 tornado.
JOPLIN, MO-----Sixteen-month-old baby Skyuler Logsdon's life was cut short from the 2011 tornado. And now every year on his birthday, January 19th, the family gets together and celebrates at his grave site. This year Skyuler would've turned four.

His grandmother, Milissa Burns says, "We have to do it. I do it for all my other grand kids, i'll do it for him."

During the tornado, Skylur's mother was at a house near 26th and Maiden Lane when the storm took Skyuler right from her arms. Burns says, "My daughters arm was shattered and it took us a week to find him."

Skyuler's great uncle Bill Burton showed up shortly after and helped with the search and rescue teams, and he said all they could do was pray.

He says, "Praying that some how we would find him in a hospital somewhere." But after more than a week, Skyuler's body was found. "It seemed like forever until we found out that we was actually gone," Burton says. 

To celebrate his birthday, the family released balloons attached to a bag that had a bear and a little car from his cousins. Burns says, "Hopefully some child will find it and enjoy the bear just as much as we enjoyed Skyuler." 

The family also reminisced about skyuler's personality. Burns says, "He laughed. He was so funny his favorite color was green." Skyuler's cousin Morgan Burton says, "He was really energetic. He was happy all the time." Bill Burton added, "He was mama's boy that's, that's how he was."

Skyuler's mother, C.J., now lives in California because she fears the storm seasons in Joplin. She just recently gave birth to her first child after Skyuler named, Airabella. "I'm just really proud of losing a child like that and going through all that stuff. It was a lot of people that wouldn't have come through it the way C.J. did," Burton said.

But the family knows Skyuler will always be remembered. Burton says, "We still talk about him every day so you know he's gone but in our hearts." "Just never forget who you lost and what they meant to you keep their memory alive," says Burns.
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