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Cherokee and Labette Counties Participate in the Certified Work Ready Community Initiative

The work program was created to increase economic development for areas attempting to strengthen their work force.
GALENA, KS.--- Cherokee and Labette counties have been selected to participate in a new work program. The "Certified Work Ready Community" initiative will help employer's find the most qualified applicants and hopefully bring more jobs to our area. The work program was created to increase economic development for areas attempting to strengthen their work force. It helps employees in a number of ways.

"You save money, you save training dollars, which all what adds to the bottom line. So, our employers are finding out their turn over is less, they're getting better qualified candidates the first time and the retention is greater," said Bubba Evansco, Work Force Investment Board. 

Using a certification test, businesses looking to hire will be able to find the best employees in their applicant pool.  

"They can verify they're workplace skills. They take the guess work out of it. It's not a crystal ball when you're looking at an application. You can see their scores on that assessment and know that they possess the skills they need to do your job," said Bubba.

B&B Discount, a local business in Galena, is looking forward to a program of this caliber.

"The bottom line in a business is the bottom line. And when you have an employee that can come in and the learning curve is short, that is a profitable situation," said Lance Nichols, Co-Owner of B&B Discount. 

By identifying a large number of qualified applicants, more businesses will want to invest in the area and provide more jobs in our communities.

"It works, it absolutely works. For the first time, they have something with real world skills, something thet is verifiable, that has research and data behind it. It's science and it's available at no charge," said Bubba. 

The certification test also benefits job seekers right away, the most qualified applicants are placed on top. Anyone can take the test. It will be put in place at local career centers, community colleges and high schools. Earlier this summer, Jasper County was named the first national "Certified Work Ready Community." According to Bubba, it has saved one company over $30,000 because they don't have to spend time training new employees.

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