Check Out Hunger Fundraiser

Check Out Hunger Fundraiser

Barton County grocery stores join a holiday fundraiser to help feed local children.
LAMAR, MO.--- Barton County grocery stores join a holiday fundraiser to help feed local children. "Check Out Hunger" lets shoppers add a tax-free donation to their grocery bill. It will help provide hundreds of children with food during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Lamar Cash Saver's Store Director Kevin Curtis says you can also find signs around the check-out lanes explaining how "Check Out Hunger" works.

"Our cashiers will ask them if they want to donate a dollar, two dollars or three dollars, and we get that money to help kids in the area," said Kevin Curtis, Cash Saver's Store Director.

Many children who are considered "food insecure" are not qualified to receive federal assistance--  increasing demand at local food banks and the pantries.

"Well, there's a lot of children around here that aren't getting the quality meals that they need and with that $1 you're giving five meals to that one child, so that's very important that we help our kids out in this area," said Curtis. 

All contributions will help Ozark Food Harvest distribute nonperishable goods to local food banks, like the Good Samaritan in Lamar.

"We usually serve 650 people, but the commodities only serve 350," said Ivy Atwood, Good Samaritan Food Manager. 

Ivey Atwood is the food manager at the food bank. He says the demand is greater than the supply.

"Unfortunately, I see this trend continuing. We're still going to get food but the amount given may have to do a little shrinking," said Atwood. 

The goal is to collect a total of $40,000--- which means stores are trying to raise about $15 per day.

"Just like to see people come down and donate that dollar so we can post it up here on the register for everyone else to see it, to help generate more money. The more people that donate, hopefully the more people we can reach," said Curtis. 

The fundraiser starts today and will last until December 31st. Nearly 80 different grocery stores are involved in the "Check Out Hunger" fundraiser. 
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