Carthage Fire Department Receives New Rescue Tool

Carthage Fire Department Receives New Rescue Tool

The $10,000 device will help firefighters move more quickly in the face of an emergency.
CARTHAGE, MO.---  "This'll be something we can actually take right into the field and use it and not be bound by the length of hose or having to carry any additional equipment. We just carry the tool by itself," said Chris Thompson, Carthage Fire Department Chief.

A rescue tool that runs on rechargeable batteries is now in the hands of Carthage firefighters, a gift from Butterball to help keep community members safe.

"We felt that giving this gift to the fire department was not only giving to the fire department, but also giving to the community of Carthage," said David Fryar, Butterball Complex General Manager. 

The electronic rescue tool has a cutting force of 75,000 pounds and can lift up to 105,000 pounds.

"It ought to be a lot easier to deploy more rapidly. So, it'll be a big benefit to us in major disasters as well," said Chief Thompson. 

The device will be used to rescue people in industrial factory accidents, car wrecks, and building collapses.

"This equipment is more portable, so they can get in a lot of areas that are tighter to where they can assist individuals," said Chief Thompson. 

The tool will be a good addition to the department's fleet.

"We use this tool to rescue somebody that may become trapped or entangled in a piece of machinery. Additionally, not only in an industrial setting, but any type of vehicle extraction we'll be able to utilize this as another resource on our trucks," said Chief Thompson. 

Firefighters say they will still use the equipment they have, which runs on a hydraulic pump. They say the new tool will be the most efficient way to perform a rescue.

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