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Carl Junction School District Discusses Long Term Building Plan

Tonight, school officials and architects spoke to community members about potential changes to the district.
CARL JUNCTION, MO.--- The Carl Junction School District turns to parents for input on a long term building plan. It's a way to make sure the district is ready if enrollment spikes in any given year. Tonight, school officials and architects spoke to community members about potential changes to the district. Over the past decade, the Carl Junction School District has run into enrollment growth spurts.

"Our enrollment would grow, we'd start busting at the seems and we'd say 'hey we need to build something.' We try to do that as quickly as possible, we don't want to do that anymore," said Phillip Cook, Carl Junction Superintendent. 

School officials have now turned to architects to come up with a permanent solution for unexpected student growth.

"You should always look ahead and plan ahead and start that process. So, I think it's a good idea," said Alicia Corner, Parent. 

Sapps Associates displayed various renderings showing potential changes to the district's layout. Some scenarios are the construction of new buildings which would shift grades around, building athletic complexes and adding storm shelters.

"My son is really scared of storms. So for me, that would be my number one priority," said Corner.

Definitely want to invest in storm shelters and security in the next year or so," Lisa Knutzen, School Board Member. 

To keep prioritizing, school officials are asking everyone for any input they may have.

"Give them their thought, what would do they think about the future of the school district, facility wise, what would they like to see," said Cook. 

The planning process will be a lengthy one and a master plan could total more than $30 million. However, funding options have still not been determined. School board members want to avoid a tax issue.

"This is not pushing a bond issue. We have nothing that we're going to put out in the near future as far as a proposal. We just want to see the plant digest it a little bit for a while and see how it fits in the community," said Cook. 

Superintendent Cook hopes to have a master plan completed by January. Changes will be made throughout the year depending on student growth.
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