Carl Junction Memorial Park Pavilion Project

Carl Junction Memorial Park Pavilion Project

Despite concerns that delayed a community project, there will be a pavilion in Carl Junction's Memorial Park.
CARL JUNCTION, MO.--- "A wage paid for city, state, or federal/government money in the State of Missouri on a construction job, it is required to be paid prevailing wage. If that's not done, you're in violation of the law," said Time Smith, Carl Junction City Council Member. 

Carl Junction City Council Member Tim Smith says since the volunteered construction work was contracted in, that would mean the city was allowing the Neosho contractor and his employees to work for the city with zero pay. 

"With our concern being that we may be breaking the law, we decided to put it on hold and get some changes made where it was going to satisfy everybody. We didn't want to stop the pavilion, we just wanted to delay it until this could get figured out," said Smith. 

The issue isn't that the contractors can't do the work for free on a volunteer basis, the issue has to do with a contract being put in place for the work. Gary Stubblefield is the executive director for the Carl Junction Chamber of Commerce. He says it's something that needed to be addressed because the city could have faced multiple consequences.

"There's a potential a fine, I believe it's a fine of 500 dollars per day, per person, working on the project. Also, there's a possibility of jail time which could apply to even every city councilmen," said Gary Stubblefield, Carl Junction Chamber of Commerce Executive Director. 

He adds if community volunteers do it without any contracts, the prevailing wage law does not apply.

"Everyone in town wanted to go forward with it, including the city councilmen who raised the question. This is something we all wanted, it just had to be addressed is it being done the best possible way and last night we found that best possible way," said Stubblefield. 

The project was approved last night with eight city councilmen in favor of the new agreement. Residents, two state politicians and various city authorities from the area will start building the pavilion in the next few weeks. 
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