Bright Futures - Code Red

Bright Futures - Code Red

Neosho's bright future program has issued a code red.

NEOSHO--Bright Futures received a big delivery of macaroni and cheese at the Freeman Family YMCA today.

"This is the first one we have received in several months," said YMCA staff member Jessica Ferguson. 

Based off government poverty guidelines, more than 60% of kids in Neosho qualify for free or reduced lunches. Since the need is so high, Bright Futures lends a helping hand.

"It's so important to have this program. Before we started the backpack program we had kids that would come to school Monday morning after breakfast and go through the trash can. Because it wasn't enough to eat one meal because they were still hungry," said Bright Futures staff member Barb Lake.

Underprivileged kids are guaranteed a meal at school but not always at home. Bright Futures makes sure the kids get healthy meals during the weekend.

"It's a supplemental snacks...Breakfast, lunch, and dinner," said Lake. 

It's not always the parent's fault kids go hungry. Many have had a difficult time due to the economy.

"It's up to the parents responsibility to provide food for the children. But in hard economic times like it is right now, the inflation in food costs rising and we are seeing more and more children," said Ferguson. 

It cost $1,200 a week for food to fill the backpacks, but the donation level is at a code red. This is the first time in almost four years it has been this low.  

"We're in desperate need of donations every week for the backpack program to help 300 kids. So we appreciate any donation that anyone can make to drop off at the Neosho YMCA to support this program," said Lake. 

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