Brad's Beat: The Love Gap

Brad's Beat: The Love Gap

Dudley and Lisa Turpin have been married 22 years with a 32 year age difference between them and they say their love keeps them young.
GRAVETTE, AR.--- Dudley and Lisa Turpin have a lot of fond memories from their marriage. They live in Gravette, Arkansas and have been married for 22 years. The numbers are even higher in the amount of years that separate them. Dudley is 73 and Lisa is 41, that's 32 years between them.

The couple met in 1989 when Dudley's daughter became friends with Lisa. Dudley had been married 3 times previously, but he said the 4th time was the charm. Once they discovered there was an attraction they said they had to keep it on the down low.

"Her family knew nothing about us. So, if we went anywhere, we had to go where nobody knew us," says Dudley Turpin.

"We kept it secret for a year and a half. It was hard to do," says Lisa Turpin.

Lisa's dad, who is younger than Dudley, wasn't that understanding.

"I was expecting to be disowned. It was a big deal. I was choosing Dudley or my family. It was not a decision anyone wants to make. The rest of my life is going to be with him," says Lisa.

Neither were Dudley's other 5 daughters. Everyone eventually came around, because after 22 years of marriage, it proves they were made for each other. They say maturity doesn't always come with age. With 32 years between them, there are occasionally things that divide them.

"I grew up with Led Zepplin and Def Leopard, some hard rock. He'll put up with that. He never says turn it off, but I can tell he's not loving it," says Lisa.

Lisa says many people go through several bad relationships, and she suggests to open your eyes to new possibilities when it comes to love.

"Don't limit yourself. It doesn't have to be about looks. We're all superficial in our world today, but there's a lot of people you could miss. People fall in love for all kinds of reasons," says Lisa.
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