Brad's Beat: Thankful Kids

Brad's Beat: Thankful Kids

There are many things to be thankful for this holiday season.

2nd and 3rd grader students at Stapleton Elementary in Joplin have a few things on their mind this time of year. Turkeys and time off. And to many, it's one of their favorite holidays because..
"You get to spend time with your family and get really fat," says Peyton Shields.

But they do realize it's important to be thankful for Thanksgiving so I asked them what they're thankful for this year.
"I'm thankful for headbands."
"My brain, apples and rubber bands and gum."
"I'm thankful for football."
"Oxygen and gravity."
"I'm thankful for the earth and the solar system."

One student is a bit of a philosopher at the wise age of 7.
"I'm thankful for everything that comes my way. Things come your way can become good even if they're bad," says 2nd grade student Carson Osborn.

Erin Jones says she's thankful her dad stays out of the kitchen because he can't cook, but he is in charge of one thing.
"He's in charge of corn," says Erin Jones.
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