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Brad's Beat: Pet Day Care

Creature Comforts in Joplin will check on and care for your furry friends while you're on vacation, only charging $17 per visit to your home. For more information, you can visit our webpage Fourstateshomepage.com.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Marcia Foster is the owner of Creature Comforts in Joplin. She has more than 40 clients in the area. She fills water bowels and feeds the animals while you're gone. Foster says it's a nice alternative to boarding your animals.

"I believe the pets are more comfortable at home. They know the smells and everything is normal for them, especially cats. We have a couple cats running around here," states Marcia Foster, Creature Comforts.

Marcia charges $17 per trip to your home and she stays there about 45 minutes checking and caring for your furry friends. To view Creature Comforts webpage, click here.
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