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Brad's Beat: Love From Afar

Patrick McGlashan is from Scotland and he met his American wife Debra through a chat room online and they now run the Tartan Traders antique store on Range Line in Joplin.
JOPLIN, MO.--- Patrick McGlashan is a long way from home. He's from Scotland and love brought him to Joplin. He met his wife Debra in a chat room, and he didn't believe her at first when she said she was from Kansas.

The two started talking everyday for months, and then they had to meet. So Debra took an agonizing 21 hour flight and it was love at first sight.

"It was like I'd know him all of my life," said Debra McGlashan, Wife.

She brought him back to the states as a souvenir. The two then moved to Joplin to open an antique store on Range Line called Tartan Traders.
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