Brad's Beat: Dancing Bacon and Eggs

Brad's Beat: Dancing Bacon and Eggs

If you've been on Range Line in Joplin you may have seen some food dancing going on.
JOPLIN, MO--- Justin Valentine is a ham, but lately he's more a slice of bacon. He works at the Spirit Halloween Shop in Joplin, and his job is to get people to pull into the shop and pick out a costume.

"Got to have energy. You can't stand out here doing this. We can get a machine. You got to draw the attention from everybody", says Valentine.

His partner in crime is Tana Hughes, who's a deviled egg.

"Don't get too overdone here in the sun", says Hughes. She says Justin really draws them in.

The store changes up the costumes everyday so you never know what will be dancing at 24th and Range Line next.

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