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Brad's Beat: Cold Cravings

It may be one of the coldest days in recent memory but that doesn't stop people from craving for ice cream.
JOPLIN, MO--- The cold temperatures can't stop someone's sweet tooth. Residents are stopping in Braum's to get their ice cream fix.

Managers say a little snow on the ground doesn't stop their regulars from coming in. Zack Rakes, Manager, says "every morning at 6:15 someone orders a large chocolate shake".

Walter Hodge is a self confessed ice cream lover. "I'd rather have ice cream than beer. I'll take ice cream everytime."

And he doesn't mind that it's single digits outside. He got hooked on ice cream at a young age. He and his wife have been married for 29 years and she know all too well about his cravings for ice cream. In fact one of their first dates was to get ice cream.
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