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Black Friday Shopping at Northpark Mall

For some people, Black Friday is the event of the year.
JOPLIN, MO.--- For some people, Black Friday is the event of the year.

"Because everything is like half off, people with 5 dollars can come and get a pair of shoes and some sweatpants you know," said Kasen Chew, Shopper. 

North Park Mall was packed with shoppers who were all on the hunt for a great deal.

"I actually got some toys at Toys-R-Us that they opened down the hall. They actually had some sales going on. So, I got a few things there," said Markie Gorman, Shopper. 

Some were looking for Christmas gifts while others, were simply looking for anything with a great price.

"We were walking into Hot Topic and I was going back to get my shirt and like three people were back there. Someone just pushed me aside. I was like, 'just because I'm small doesn't mean that you can push me around," said Chew.

There were also those people who weren't quite shopping, but rather providing moral support to their families. Mike Hayslip, is waiting for his wife to finish shopping.

"We're waiting on mom and wife to get done with her shopping. She's next door at Kohls," said Mike Hayslip, Shopper. 

Northpark Mall closes at 10 tonight and opens at 8 in the morning.
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