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Bitter Cold Temps Heading Our Way

We woke up with lots of snow on the ground and now left with bitter cold temperatures.

  One of the coldest arctic blasts in years is hitting the four states in full force.
  After getting two to five inches of snow overnight, now we are about to witness wind chills 20 to 30 degrees below zero.       
  Authorities are advising people to be cautious if leaving their homes.
  Sgt. David Lewis of the Joplin Police Department says, "When you have exposed skin with the subzero temperatures that we are expecting it doesn't take long to develop frost bite so I would limit the number of times that you go out and are exposed to the weather." 
   The Springfield National Weather Service estimates that it's been over 20 years since their office has issued a Wind Chill Warning. 
   High wind gusts will continue to blow the snow all around.
   Road crews are working on plowing the main roads, but some of the side roads might not be cleared so be cautious when driving. 
Lewis says, "If at all possible they should probably stay off the roads due to the large amounts of snow that we have."
  And to make sure to keep your fury friends safe and warm as well, Lewis added, "pets should probably be brought inside or at least into a garage or something to where they are not exposed to the freezing temperatures."
  Also when using space heaters make sure to not leave them unattended. "For your electric space heaters, I would make sure that they are not being over worked and causing the circuit to warm up and start a fire," Lewis says.
   Reporting in Joplin, Carla Pesono KSN Local News.

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