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Autopsy Results Released in Grand Lake Cliff Accident

Results show the 3 men killed when their car drove off a cliff into Grand Lake were legally drunk.
GROVE, OK-- According to the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office, the driver Kyley Collins, 22, of Grove, had a blood alcohol level of .13. Passengers in the car, Jake Olsen, 23, of Grove had a level of .17 and Michael McKinney, 24, of Oregon, was tested at .10. 

The legal limit in Oklahoma is .08. The accident happened on November 21, 2013. Their cause of death was ruled an accident due to blunt force trauma and drowning. At the time of the accident, Collins failed to navigate a curve almost 4 miles north of Grove, plummeted down the bluff, struck a tree and plunged into the lake. Authorities were able to recover the vehicle in about 50 feet of water.

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