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Access Family Care Will Open New Site in Lawrence County

The new clinic will be located in Mount Vernon and is expected to be open next year on February 27th.
MOUNT VERNON, MO.--- A medical clinic that provides affordable health care is in the process of opening a new location. Access Family Care will open a new site in Lawrence County. The funds will be provided by a new Access Point grant which was denied two years in a row but was accepted the third time around. 

"We started doing some community development in Lawrence in several different places," said Brian McBride, Access Family Care, C.E.O.

Access Family Care's CEO Don McBride says with help of health care providers, city leaders, and community residents- administrators realized the need for a clinic in Lawrence County.

"You know there's not a lot of doctors offices that take Medicaid, so sometimes we are the only sources out there," said Darlene Sarley, Access Family Care Clinic Manager.

Access will receive $325,000 this year that goes to offset the costs for providing patients with discounts. Patient qualifications are based on total household income and total number of people living in the home. 

"Could be 20 percent and in some cases all the way down to 80. Everybody pays, but the federal says this is what you can afford based on the federal poverty guidelines," said McBride. 

He says people without insurance are neglecting their health and a community health center allows patients to get well.

"A lot of diabetes, a lot of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, those are kind of the big things, especially in Missouri," said McBride. 

He adds people in rural areas don't get as much health education, so family clinics provide patients with those limited resources. 

"So, what this will do is provide an opportunity for them to come in and receive that health care," said McBride. 

The new clinic will be located in Mount Vernon and is expected to be open next year on February 27th. 

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