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A Joplin Building is One Step Closer To Being On The National Register of Historic Places

<P>Inside the Joplin Furniture Building lies history that dates back more than a hundred years.</P>
A Joplin building is one step closer to being part of the National Register of Historic Places.

This building is filled with more than just paper.

Inside the Joplin Furniture Building lies history that dates back more than a hundred years.

"We love the nostalgia of the old building," Fast Copy Printing Owner Ken Schremm says. "Printing has been around for a long time. We wanted to keep all the natural environment of the building."

Ken Scremm owns Fast Copy Printing on South Main Street in Joplin.

His company is inside the Joplin Furniture Building. It's a structure that might go down in the history books.

"It certainly is a reminder of what Joplin wants to be and that's continue into the future with a bit of the past," Schremm says.

The Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation approved the structure to be listed on the National Registry. The property stretches from 702 to 708 Main Street.

"It's a great achievement," Director of Joplin Complex Museum says Brad Belk says. "It shows our community has great history."

The original floors, walls, and ceiling panels can be seen scattered throughout the structure.

"So much of that we did lose of our history its good to know that there's a building still standing and that it has great historical integrity," Belk says.

The next step is for the building to be approved on a federal level.

The Keeper of the National Register has 45 days to accept, reject or send back the application to be re-written.

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