2013 Economic Tour of Joplin

2013 Economic Tour of Joplin

Joplin Chamber of Commerce members get a chance to see the economic growth in the area.
JOPLIN, MO.---  The 2013 Economic Tour of Joplin is a way for people in the community to go to areas they wouldn't normally go to on a daily basis and see the transformation of Joplin. 

"When you put it all together in a morning setting session and really show people things that are going on around the community, it's very impressive," said Rob O'Brian, Chamber President. 

Joplin Chamber of Commerce members embarked on the 2013 Economic Tour of Joplin.

"The takeaway point from today, specifically, is for many people to not only see what's being rebuilt since the tornado, people know that those are going on, but also to show that there are projects going on that are day to day business," said O'Brian. 

Members got to tour the new fire station on Main Street as well as the Public Safety Training Center and Alpha Air Center.

"The common theme that you hear from everybody is just how wonderful this building has turned out compared to what it used to look like. Its been a huge transformation from back when it was the original terminal here at Joplin," said Andy Nimmo, Joplin Fire Department Training Chief.

It was a chance for chamber members to hear about the growth in the area.

"We've seen a growth in the general aviation activity that we are doing out here, especially since the air methods has moved into the airport. The facility is going to provide backup helicopter emergency services for area emergency hospitals," said Steve Stockham, Joplin Regional Airport Manager. 

Those on board also made drive-by stops to Mercy, Crossroads Industrial Park, and various schools in the area.

"This gives them a background, not only to do their job better, but also be good sales people for Joplin itself," said O'Brian. 

Members also heard about future plans like what will be done with the former site of the FEMA housing units across from the Joplin airport. Steve Stockham says they are currently trying to find the best use for development of the properties.
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